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Local property Portals empower FSBO (For Sales By Owner)

For Sale By Owner on local property portal

Low costs, Simple to use, Absolute control over the sale and marketing of your property. Our team can help where needed with EPC, Floor plans, and social media marketing. You save a fortune.

The team at Rye Bay Property are not estate agents we are marketing people with 30 years experience.

Additional info

How much does it cost to sell property without an estate agent ?
You only pay to list the property on the local property portal. Once listed our team will help optimise the listing for social media and then promote it. You will have the same ability to propmote your property without any additional fees.
Can I also use a local estate agent ?
Yes ! Your local independent Estate Agent is a valuable local resource. Propertes in demand such as a first time buyers homes or properties under £700k often sell quickly. Once you have tried to sell privately then by all means take on a local agent. Some people like to ask the local independent estate agent to conduct "show arounds" if they feel uncomfortable doing it themselves. Your local estate agent may also offer reduced fees if you later decide to list with them.
What help is available to get me started ?
We can help you with EPC, floor plans, local photographers, videographers and even with help writing up your property details. We have a social media team who can put in additional hours to promote your property in different markets such as Chinese, French or in particular markets as needed.