London Lydd International Airport / Serving the Cinque Ports and beyond

London Lydd International Airport Lydd Airport based in Kent, is conveniently situated for travellers wanting to visit the South East of England and is within easy access to the M20 motorway.

The high speed rail link from The Ashford International Station will get you into Englands capital, London, St. Pancras Station in just 37 minutes. Private helicopter transfers to London can be arranged if required, typically taking 25-35 minutes.

Flying into Lydd from Continental Europe is easy and unrestricted being situated just outside the London TMA. Lydd airport's 1505m runway is well served by ILS, GPS and NDB, together with RFF catergory 6 availability and full terminal services, including - Customs, Immigration and Special Branch.

Lydd Airport caters for a wide range of aircraft operations, from executive jets, helicopters, to private light aircraft and cargo. Secure hangarage and aircraft parking with dedicated VIP stands are available and opening hours are convenient and practical, with extensions available upon request.

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